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lundi 19 septembre 2016

Mahesh Aagadu : First Day First Show Live Updates

Mahesh Babu Aagadu Movie Live Updates From Premier Shows,
Aagadu First Day First Show Updates, Aagadu Premier Show Talk, Reviews and Ratings
Aagadu Live Updates From Premier Shows, 

Updated at 07:10 AM

Climax done. Keep watching this space for the complete movie review.

Updated at 07:07 AM

Climax is on now. Hand to hand fight between Mahesh and Sonu Sood.

Updated at 07:03 AM

The entire twists have been revealed now.

Updated at 07:01 AM

A hilarious dance episode featuring Brahmanadham is on now.

Updated at 06:55 AM

Twists being slowly revealed now.

Updated at 06:48 AM

The super hit song 'Naari Naari' is on now. Mahesh is showing stunning dance movements.

Updated at 06:42 AM

Some comedy scenes featuring Brahmanandham are on now.

Updated at 06:35 AM

A small revenge angle is being unveiled now.

Updated at 06:28 AM

Famous vamp Mumtaz makes an entry.

Updated at 06:22 AM

Typical Sreenu Vaitla type of entertainment is on now.

Updated at 06:18 AM

Finally, the most awaited Brahmanandam makes an entry as Delhi Suri.

Updated at 06:15 AM

The crowds are going berserk and dancing in the theater now.

Updated at 06:12 AM

The most awaited Shruthi Haasan song is on now. Shruthi looks super hot.

Updated at 06:07 AM

Some scenes between Rajendra Prasad and Mahesh Babu are on now.

Updated at 06:00 AM

The actual twist and motive in the film being unleashed now.

Updated at 05:55 AM

Post interval a small twist is being unveiled now.

Updated at 05:40 AM

Interval bang is simple and yet powerful

Updated at 05:24 AM

A small twist in the tale now. Movie is heading towards interval.

Updated at 05:17 AM

A fun comedy episode between Mahesh Babu, Raghu Babu and Posani is on now.

Updated at 05:07 AM

Time for the another song 'Aaja Saroja' is on now. Visuals look stunning

Updated at 05:02 AM

A romanctic track between Mahesh and Tamannah is on now.

Updated at 04:58 AM

Nassar and Mahesh Babu combination scenes are coming out well.

Updated at 04:54 AM

Comedian M.S.Narayana makes an entry.

Updated at 04:50 AM

Milky beauty Tamannah makes an entry as village belle called Saroja.

Updated at 04:44 AM

The movie now heads into a police station set up. Mahesh is doing a superb job with his acting.

Updated at 04:40 AM

Sonu Sood makes an entry along with Brahmaji and Rao Ramesh.

Updated at 04:36 AM

Nassar and Vennela Kishore make an entry as constables.

Updated at 04:33 AM

The song has enough shots to make the fans go mad.

Updated at 04:30 AM

After a superb entry, the title song is on now and it is superbly shot.

Updated at 04:27 AM

Mahesh looks super fit and dashing in police uniform.

Updated at 04:23 AM

The crowds are going berserk as Mahesh is mouthing the 'Dikki Balishina Kodi' dialogue.

Updated at 04:18 AM

Superstar Mahesh Babu makes a stunning entry with a superb punch dialogue

Updated at 04:16 AM

The titles are rolling in an innovative way. Sreenu Vaitla's voice over is on now, Rajendra Prasad makes an entry as cop

Updated at 04:13 AM

The movie has just started and the crowds are going beserk.

Updated at 04:10 AM

It's 'Aagadu' mania all over, and the film is releasing worldwide with the early morning special show. 123Cinema exclusively brings you the first on net live updates of this action entertainer.

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